Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Comics You May Be Missing

Why does every critical recommendation have to be a comic I'm sick of hearing about?

Here are some that get very little press, and despite my best efforts have not been crushed with fans. Maybe you know me better now and will trust me more. Maybe you'll read one and tell me whether I was right or wrong.

Ugly Girl - High school is tough, to the point where it mutilates your face. Strong improvements to the art as the strip progresses. People in pain, but never sappy.

RedMask - A graphic novel of the post-apocalyptic sort is neither grim nor giddy. The video game style art (I mean that in the good way, with 3D and detailed landscapes) creates a compelling atmosphere and the irritability of the main character gives a constant sensation of looming catastrophe. The best sci-fi graphic novel I have read.

2nd Shift - Despite the name, this is what we call a "day job" story. An awful place, an awful boss, and colleagues who are disturbed and unnerving. You're working a double shift. A pretty, and rather weird, girl is hired. Then strange things start happening.

I'm going to limit this list to three. I hope you like them, but I'd be pleased if some of you don't and you come back to argue. Lately I don't want to review anything because I  doubt that my tastes overlap with most people's, and I want to get one more batch of opinions before I decide whether to put down the reviewer pen and stick to research.

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