Saturday, August 16, 2008

Webcomic Host Traffic Trends

More statistics about growth trends in comics. This is a look at growth or decline in daily visitors over twelve months at the largest webcomic hosting sites. Sources: Compete, Alexa. Data is believed accurate by the sources.

Read it like this: Line one states ComicsGenesis was recently averaging 73,000 unique visitors per day, and experienced a decline of 12% from one year ago. Green sites grew, red sites shrank.

Readers are reminded that the last three sites on the list are in the middle of a merger and haven't been receiving a lot of management focus.

ComicGenesis (73K) -12%
Drunk Duck (33K) -35%

SmackJeeves (38K) +39%
ComicSpace (22K) +16 (15K) -16%
WebComicsNation (40K) +31%