Sunday, August 10, 2008

Putting Your Comic into the Wikis

This article may make Wiki experts cringe, but in the interest of getting more people to write articles about their or other people's webcomics on Comixpedia and Webcomics Wiki, I've distilled it down to minimal, easy steps.

Why do it? First, Wikis are powerful backlinks for your comic. Also, you are helping preserve webcomic history when you contribute an article. As your comic becomes popular, people will want to learn more about you and your work.

Until you get a massive circulation of, say 50-100,000, don't bother with Wikipedia, as they'll simply delete your article. Nice, huh? Instead, use the two webcomics Wikis. You can insert an identical article in each!

1. Join the Wiki.
2. Use the search box to search for a page with the exact title you want for your page. Capitalize as needed and use _ for spaces.
3. The search results page should tell you there is no page by that title, but that you can CREATE THAT PAGE. Click that. The toolbar will tell you each function if you mouse over it, but you don't need it for a basic article.
4. You'll get a big box to work in.
5. (Optional) Find an article that is similar in layout to what you want to write. Paste it into the box for reference, working above it. Duplicate its approach, but change sub-headings as needed. Delete the reference article. Finish writing and editing your own.
6. Put two spaces between each sub-section (carriage returns).
7. Click SHOW PREVIEW. Fix anything you don't like. Repeat as needed.
8. Click the WATCH THIS PAGE box near the bottom of the page for easier future reference.
9. Click SAVE.
10. If something goes wrong, don't worry. One of the Wiki gnomes will come along and tidy things up.
11. Check your articles every six months. Keep a copy of your exact article so that you can replace it if someone accidently destroys it.

Here is a typical webcomic article outline you can use when entering your own comic. I left out all the spaces to save scrolling. This is a stripped-down version to show you needn't get fancy -- you can go back and make improvements any time. In fact, if writing is hard for you, write a stub saying the title, theme and genre of your comic, and the author(s). Include the link. If your comic takes off, someone will come along and add material.

Scratchin Post is a webcomic created by Bengo and Pug in 2005 and brought to the internet as Scratchin Post Comics in 2008.
1.1 Characters and setting
Scratchin Post is set in a town of the same name, populated by a large cast of oddballs. Trixie Schwartz is the goofy gelatin-dessert fanatic; her house companion is a Russian immigrant, Katrinka Gimyko. Neighbors Irv and Thelma Poodlestein are the down-to-earth creators of Poobisco Biscuits. Homer Doe and Chester Periwinkle live in a vacant lot, where Homer schemes ways to make easy money and Chester draws comics about Captain Junkyard Cat. Other characters include cool dude A.J., Dutch the sign painter, Swineski the landlord, the intellectual Penguin O'Knowledge, and Katrinka's sister, Natasha.
All characters are anthropomorphic animals without sexual features.

1.2 Theme
The strip is set a few decades before present, and the TVs all have rabbit ears. The plots are wacky and sometimes include multiple story lines. The genre is humor, and the comedy is present on many levels.

1.3 Type
Scratchin Post is posted weekly in six panel, color installments. Typical stories are 7-10 pages. There is an archive of completed stories.

1.4 Unique features
Scratchin Post contains a large cast, approaching the Simpsons in complexity and development.

1.5 Rating
Scratchin Post has been rated for readers 10+ by Family Web Comics.

2.1 Creators
Scratchin Post is created by a married couple from New York who sign their work "Bengo and Pug." They are also the creators of the webcomic "Li'l Nyet."

2.2 Affiliations
The strip and its authors are members of the Amalgamated Artists Comics Collective. Bengo writes the webcomics blog Floating Lightbulb. He is creator of the webcomic resources site Psychedelic Treehouse.

3.0 External Links Scratchin Post Comics Li'l Nyet Amalgamated Artists Psychedelic Treehouse Floating Lightbulb Webcomics Blog