Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shotgun Interview #9: Steven Cloud of BOASAS

I thought today's "Boy on a Stick and Slither" 
was a great example of the strip's style and flavor.

The first time I heard the phrase "Boy on a Stick and Slither," my mental image featured a kid on a pogo stick, trying to keep his balance on a floor covered with jelly. In reality, Boy has a stick for a body, and Slither is a snake. Creator Steven Cloud has been asked questions like these a thousand times, so it was kind of him to share his time. It's too bad he left for Mongolia already, or I'd work in some follow-up questions about his traveling companions, armaments and how he's covered his strip during his absence. Maybe when he returns... (By the way, not to be outdone, I'll be orbiting Mars in a refrigerator box soon, so keep those cards and donations coming.)

Q: What web comic (not by a friend) do you think deserves wider attention, and why? 
A: I really like Minimum Security by Stephanie McMillan. It cover some pretty interesting topics. It's well worth the time investment. Disclosure: I recently met Stephanie at NY-Comic-Con.

Q: Is there a web comic you are always excited to read, the minute it updates? 
A: I have a bunch on my LJ RSS feed and some I seek out.
A random sampling of three would be:
- American Elf
- Cat and Girl
- Diesel Sweeties

Q: What web comic by someone you know would you recommend? 
Over Compensating or Goats or White Ninja or...

Q: What blogs do you read?
A: A bunch.... To name a few:
Daily Cartoonist, Boing Boing, Huffington Post, Drawn

Q: Introduce your work to new readers in a few sentences.
A: Boy on a Stick and Slither is a "thought of the day" kind of comic. It's not always meant to be funny. Just something fun to look at and a simple thought for people to muse over. I suppose a new reader would need to read about 20 or so comics to find the groove.

Q: What are your web sites, and what do they offer?
A: My website offers my comic and not much else at the moment.
I'm selling a few t-shirt over here.

Q: Are you in a comics collective? If so, how is it going?
A: Dumbrella and we're all good friends. A very helpful and smart bunch we are.

Q: What's the best thing you've recently heard from a fan?
A: I get a lot of "keep up the good work" emails and it really does help me keep drawing. Any encouragement from a fan is greatly appreciated. I'd hate to think my work didn't connect with anyone.

Q: What's the worst thing about the state of web comics today?
A: Trying to make a living at it.

Q: What tip would you offer someone launching their first web comic?
A: Do what you love and write what you know. Don't follow a formula. Create something unique.

Q: What merchandise item would you love to offer if the economics allow?
A: Books and Toys.

Q: What's new in your life that has nothing to do with comics?
A: I'm traveling from London to Mongolia by car: Rally for Charity