Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amalgamated Artists

The splash page for "Two Dimes on the Dollar," by Rob Berry and Alan Radway.

Amalgamated Artists is a new collective offering one of the best group debuts I've seen. They've got heaps of talented members, exciting story lines, a well-executed Flash site, methodical coverage of links and bios -- about the only thing missing is a logo to accompany a post like this one. Then I found that, lurking on a side page. You can see it in the directory listing. These guys thought of everything.

Calling James Joyce's Ulysses "the first hypertext novel," Rob Berry writes that his comic adaptation should be no less than the "seen" version of the novel. (Cliff's Notes, watch out.)

Sam Little offers "Untrue Tales" about a "semi-lovable jackass." Alexandre Vidal's "The Passenger" is an account of a cab ride gone off course -- way off course. "Two Dimes on the Dollar," by Berry and Alan Radway, gives the impression of having been drawn exclusively on cocktail napkins and seeks to explain the misery of the people who wait your table.

You can go to this site to study intelligent deployment of Flash, to read appealing comics, and to see a well-designed site and how it works. You can read about the creators and you can contact them directly. Take it from a blogger/archivist/networker: these are good things.

When you're done having a look, remember that many other worthwhile collectives are listed in The Directory of Webcomic Collectives. If you're in a collective, consider linking to it.