Thursday, June 26, 2008

Psychedelic Treehouse on a Roll

Yesterday I learned that Psychedelic Treehouse now has a Google Page Rank of 6, which is no small thing to me.

Several times I have made the argument that linking to the Treehouse pays you back multi-fold, because of all the links it generates for web comics. But as the one writing the blog, I can't always tell what's being read and what's being done.

The Analytics, Page Rank and WhoLinksToMe data tell me that people are using and benefitting from the site.

This news comes at a good time, because I want to upgrade and expand the site, and fix some bugs with the colors. I also want to support it with advertising. I may also host a few ads, to supplement the ad budget.

For those who prefer, we are making some banners you can post instead of links. Email me if you want notice when they are done, or wait for an announcement here.

As always, I appreciate the support.