Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scratchin Post Reworked

We have joined the rest of the world and placed our web comic, Scratchin Post, in sequential order.

Before, there was an unlinked assortment of stories to read and soon fights were breaking out in our waiting room.

Now you can go and laugh and laugh and laugh until we ask you to leave.

If you scroll way down, you'll also notice a box with a gold bar under it. Since you know I am an advertising skeptic, you may wonder if I've gone mental.

Actually, I am trying an experiment with the people from EntreCard, a blog advertising-social networking sort of firm, and that explains the card. What it doesn't tell you is that the card represent a project distinct to web comics, and which some of you upcoming artists might like to try. Honestly, you know by now I wouldn't be involved if it was slimy.

Details may be released as soon as tomorrow, or maybe later. You can get a shot at being involved by dripping me a line, requesting to join, as the total number of participants is limited. There is no cost, but you will have to read a page or two and invest perhaps a few hours over a few weeks, more or less. All very casual -- what you put it will determine what you get out, and the tasks requested are mellow and often interesting.

I think it's something neat, perhaps not for everyone, but certainly a rare opportunity for many. It would not be unrealistic to increase your readers 300% for a decent, fairly young comic. More is quite possible.

Don't sign up if you've got finals or are moving in the next two weeks, but if you can spare some time on behalf of your comic, write me.