Friday, May 16, 2008

Psychedelic Treehouse: A Web Comic Theme Park

I've accumulated a lot of web comic addresses. Foolishly, I decided to form them into a list, which turned out to be a really sweaty job.

It's hardly the biggest list on the web, but the odds are good I have your comic on it, and if not, I'd like to. You could benefit from checking if the link is correct, or sending me the link if it's not.

I am especially likely to have you if you are in a group or collective of some sort, but even then, mistakes get made. Please don't take omissions personally. Less than half are vendetta.

To add controversy, I have marked some of the comics I enjoy and admire with an "Editor's Choice." Lots of good comics don't have it because there are lots of good comics I haven't read yet. I look forward to adding more.

Other categories on the site might appear done, but are not, setting the impulsive correspondent up for embarrassment when they write an angry letter about an omission, only to find, "It's not done." That's not to say you should hesitate to send suggestions for inclusion.

I flagged my own comics, in an act of hubris not usually seen outside the Vice President's office.

You'll be visiting the Psychedelic Treehouse Web Comic Link List, right below Visitor Tasing and Orientation. After your visit enjoy a nice meal at, where they serve almost anything.