Sunday, May 25, 2008


Several topics of interest today...

Curious who's signed up for the EntreCard web comics offer, mentioned over the last few posts? Here's a snapshot, less those in the pipeline: comics

I do have another topic. Do you know I am a member of a small comics collective, Flavorwhip?

Well, you may neither know nor care, but it's true. The site doesn't show our newest member, who you've probably heard of, but as you can see there is room for more.

Here's the deal. We are looking for color, long-form comics that appeal to us as readers.

When we assemble a bigger group, we're going to do some interesting things. Well, maybe not interesting to you, but interesting to someone, somewhere, certainly.

If the possibility of a gentle rejection doesn't scare you, and you have looked at our work closely and think you fit, drop me a line.

During your inspection of the site, you will notice that Li'l Nyet, while in color, is a short form comic. What could I do? Join two collectives?

While you're nosing around there, check out Seamonster by my colleague, Nathan Castle. It's among my favorite comics.

Have you noticed I am just about the only blogger on the net who doesn't mention holidays, or celebrity deaths, or world events? My 100% web comic content, posted 365 days a year, may be too strong for some, but nobody is getting wished a happy anything this weekend, and that's that.