Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why I'm Down on Drunk Duck (More Reasons)

I'm always saying, read the site rules carefully. Protect your rights to your work.

In some cases, the narcissism of the navigation menu reveals a lot about a site.

This is from Drunk Duck. This is not a site I recommend.

Browse should lead to more of the artist's work.
On Drunk Duck it leads to a Drunk Duck site search.

News should provide developments in the life of the strip and artist.
On Drunk Duck it leads to news about Drunk Duck.

Forum should lead to a forum for fans of the strip.
On Drunk Duck it leads to forums about Drunk Duck.

Store should lead to artist's merchandise. On Drunk
Duck, it leads to Kiss paraphernalia and assorted
stuff by various artists, unsegregated.

About should lead to information about the strip and/or
the creative team. On Drunk Duck, it leads to a
long-winded corporate public relations story.

Contact should lead to the artist's email. On Drunk
Duck, it leads to the advertising sales department 
and various corporate staff.

Privacy should be a fairly standard promise not to
misuse your personal data. On Duck, it is a 
description of how your personal data will be used.

Obviously, the people controlling Drunk Duck are either ignorant or indifferent to best practices. The hidden or non-existent artist emails in particular drive me crazy when I want to write about an artist and cannot reach them. (In fairness, Web Comics Nations, Graphic Smash and Modern Tales are horrible about email placement too.)

Very rarely will I fight my way through the Drunk Duck barriers to contact an artist for a review, gallery appearance or other feature.

If it's worth giving this up so that you can send "Quacks" to other members and play Duck video games, then by all means, stay put.