Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Directory of Web Comics Collectives, Part I

Above: Logo art for some of the web 
comic collectives on today's list.
© The respective owners.

I've made a not-so-little directory of web comics collectives and their current members. It's going to post over multiple days due to size.

Collectives are member-formed and administered cooperatives. Common goals include economic cooperation, enhanced reader traffic, marketing plans, social bonds, technological chore division and much more. Sometimes the tougher collectives meet behind the bowling alley on Saturday night and taunt each other until fights break out, or someone gets ink on their blouse.

An undertaking like this is bound to have errors. Please alert me if you see any.

The final list will be consolidated and published on the web someplace sensible, along with some of my previous mini-compendiums of web comic data.


random assembly (Sam Allen)
better you than me (Lee Cherolis)
sinister bedfellows (Larry McKenzee)
mike's stupid comics (Mike Laidman)

ugly hill (Paul Southworth)
melonpool (Steve Troop)
real life (Greg Dean)
schlock mercenary (Howard Tayler)
shortpacked! (David Willis)
wapsi square (Paul Taylor)

chooken (Bev)
slackerz (Scott Smith & Scott Hepting)
f@nb0y$ (M Parkinson)
hocky zombie (Chris van Gompel)*
one-liners (Shishio)
zed reckoning (Matt Munn)
horribleville (KC Green)
amazing superzeroes (Jason Sigler, Nick Ruffilo)

theater hopper (Tom Brazelton)
matriculated (Phil Chan and Joe Dunn)
afterstrife (Ali Graham)
joe and monkey (Zach Miller)
you'll have that (Wes Molebash)
beaver and steve (James Turner)
rob and elliot (Clay and Hampton Yount)

hangar rats (Pogues, Ben Chapman)
putt-hutt (Danny O'Connell)

tales of pylea (Aimee Chow, Matt Summers)
astorauth (Robin Pierce)
darken (Kojiro Muyo)
oops, never mind (Sincerely)
legostar galactica (D.M. Jeftinija)
cortland (Matt Johnson)
elf only inn (Josh Sortelli)
knights of vesteria (Matt Summers, Tom Fraser)
tales of the traveling gnome (Michelle Mayo, Matthew Summers)
aldus maycombe (Janine Harper)
pocket kitten (M. Neils)
inhumation (IV Studios)

able and baker (Jim Burgess)
bad news radio (Maxx Diamond)
butternut squash (Ramon Perez, Rob Coughler)
comet 7 (David Tekiela)
dinosaur comics (Ryan North)
girly (Josh)
little gamers (Pontus Madsen)
patches (Kelly Vivanco)
sam and fuzzy (Sam Logan)
stuff sucks (Liz Greenfield)
white ninja (S. Bevan, K. Earle)

Continues tomorrow.