Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stuff I am Looking For: Can You Help?

For various projects underway, I am looking for:

  • Comics with their own logos. Not banners or mastheads, mind you, but specially designed graphics that say something about the comic in a small space.  Something you might see on a t-shirt. This is for the logo gallery at Psychedelic Tree House;
  • Web portals that hook you up with lots of web comics from non-English-speaking countries;
  • Comics collectives not already listed on Psychedelic Tree House;
  • Established, high-quality long-form color comics that might want to participate in our collective, Flavorwhip;
  • Memorable, gripping essays about web comics, often mined from blog archives, for consideration in the essay library at PTH;
  • Text files of pre-2008 WCCA winners (and, perhaps, nominees) not taken from Wikipedia;
  • Recent experiences involving Piperka: good, bad or mixed;
  • Reader lists of what web comics blogs and news sources they follow;
  • Comics creators active in Upstate New York.
Write me -- my email is in the right side column. Or, use comments. Thanks!