Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Li'l Nyet, Our Newest Web Comic

Today Pug and I are launching a second web comic: Li'l Nyet, The Red Menace.

It's a humorous political comic aimed squarely at the erosion of democracy under Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The recently regained freedoms of 142,000,000 people are in peril, and we'll be giving the government a good skewering.

Not at the expense of laughs, however. Humor, often dark, has seen the Russian people through hard times before. We'll not be sacrificing belly laughs to make political points.

We're going to try posting episodes on this blog, in between my articles and carrying-on. We hope this will give readers some entertainment when they visit. New episodes will post as they are finished -- several a week, more or less.

Don't panic if Li'l Nyet is a stumper at first. People familiar with Russian history will warm up to it quickly, but the theme is designed to appeal to anyone who hangs out with the comic for a while and gets to know it. Oh, and "Li'l Nyet?" Conceived long before "Li'l Bush." Also a satire of the "Li'l" comics of the sixties, though not "Li'l Abner" which I never liked. "Nyet," of course, is Russian for "No."

Of course, we'll still be working away at our long form comic, Scratchin Post, and hope you are getting acquainted with its in-jokes and oddities so that you can appreciate the deep levels of humor we try to inject. We've got four complete stories posted, and a new one will appear soon.

All of this is hard work, but we love it. Help us by linking, reviewing, chatting up. We want quality readers, people who love to laugh and like web comics, and only you can help us find them. We're not out to conquer the world. We just want to hear what thoughtful people feel after reading us, and learn about what our readers are themselves making and doing. One way we return the favor is by keeping all our sites ad-free.

If you find yourself following the comic but not the blog, consider subscribing with the live feed feature. This will give you a quick look at what's been posted lately and you can rush by the stuff that doesn't interest you without waiting for the page to load.

The first two "Li'l Nyets" appear directly above and below this post.

Enjoy Li'l Nyet!
Bengo and Pug