Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Klink, You Idiot

Today's "Klink, You Idiot" Awards go to these web comic sites:

Mighty Tubular Man
Trouble Down Pit
Twelve Dragons (too hidden)
9th Elsewhere - your email link leads nowhere
User Friendly -- your false email really wastes time
Vreakerz - another false email disaster
Abby's Agency - your pop up window for email contacts does not work, at least in Safari

The offense: No email, hidden email, incorrect email and other barriers to receiving professional contact to discuss your web comic. You are missing out on opportunities, and others are grabbing the good seats.

Also please note: Business and media matters cannot be settled via forums, tag boxes or shout boxes. Those are for chat only. You must still have a media email address, or you won't receive much coverage.

To un-Klink yourself, fix the problem and write me. My email is SCRATCHINPOST (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM. I'll promptly remove you from the list and tell you what opportunities remain for your participation in the fun stuff. You're still entitled to your framed portrait of Bob Crane.

Please keep your sense of humor. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I just want to get your attention and help your comic get some publicity. 

And if you know any of these people, let them know they've been Klinked. Really rub it in their face.