Monday, April 28, 2008

Hyperlinks Come to Psychedelic Tree House

I've had a lot of requests to hyperlink the images in the Psychedelic Tree House galleries. I am pleased to announce that linking has commenced. This should give a traffic boost to all participants.

Please give me a few days, perhaps a week, to get every image linked. After that, check and make sure I have linked you to the right destination.

May I add that I am astonished and delighted by the response to this project? We have participation from veterans and newcomers, students and professionals, famous strips and unknown ones, and everybody has been so friendly and appreciative that it makes it a labor of love for me.

A few people who don't know me have expressed concern about protecting their rights. Let me remind everyone I would sooner cut my head off with a chain saw than stand in the way of your creator's rights. That said, I can't be bothered with contracts and lawyers, so you either trust me or you don't. In the end, I am not asking for much: a few images, some support with links, and of course you can pull out at any time. I think your risk with me is about as low as it gets, and if anything ever happens to me, my family knows that your rights are to be honored as I would. 

I love how the web comics community is coming together around the logo gallery project. I love how it's win-win for all involved. That's how I like to do things. I hope future projects will arouse the same level of excitement.