Thursday, April 3, 2008

Directory of Web Comics Collectives, Part III

Above: Logos of some of the 
collectives discussed below.

This is the third and final part of the series.


Note: Hyena had a well-developed site with a great logo
but seems to have switched servers or something
and lost me. All I can find is their forum, which does
lead to the comics as well.

taking the by-pass (David Buist)
patrick grey (Ben Stirling)
bored and evil (Richard Kirsch)
canned ham (Phil Oliveira)
toon-it-up (Ron Braun)
i am geek (Benj Christiensen)
elwood (Mark Haldane)

dresden codak (Aaron Diaz)
perfect stars (Romantic, Newbs)
minus (Ryan Armand)
rice boy (Evan Dahm)

suggested donation (Joseph Rintoul)
applied living (Shaun Meyers, Dave [illegible])
allen (Allen Wood)
the new luciefer [sic] (Zac Freundt)
the path (unknown)
creepy carly (Carly Mizzou)
evil emperor nick (Evil Emperor Nick)
grog (unknown)
acquired taste (Wingnut)

21st century fox (Scott Kellog)
alien dice (Tiffany Ross)
zortic (Mark Mekkes)
...and many others. For specialized tastes.

b-movie comic (R. Wunderlich)
dr. insane (J. Floyd, B. Gibson)
fatebreaker (M. McCaskil, C. Alaminos)
inhuman (Icarus)
gun baby (Mack White, Gabe White)
marsh rocket (Jules Rivera)
skyfall (Rekka)
two rooks (Alice Fox)
brink (Keryn Everett)
flaky pastry (Falingard)
heard (Nena)
khaos (Tab)
necropolis (J.B.)
tales of pylea (Matt Summers and A. Chow)
blue crash kit (R. Hamm and S. Henry)
crowfeathers (Amy Watson)
the end of things (Chris Nittiham)
fletcher apts. (John Stelter)
honeydew syndrome (Nuu and Schumie)
lords of death and life (Jonathon Dalton)
true magic (Aja, unpronounceable emoticon)

... is a mess. Perhaps you can sort it out,
since I did Mediocre Militia. Send any
decipherings along to me.

luz (Claudia Davilla)
kukuburi (Ramon Perez)
the abominable (Charles Christopher)
raising hell (Andy B.)
the port (Scott Hepburn)
sin titulo (Cameron Stewart)
the princess planet (Brian McLachlan)
papercut (Michael Cho)

Note: Trees and Hills is a geographic collective, covering New Hampshire, Vermont and Western Massachusetts. The membership list is too long to include here. Their site is undergoing an overhaul, so look for artist names and work under "links."

abandon (Greg Carter)
cthuhuvida (Larry McKenzee)
due north (Christian Sagar, Lauren Pettapiece)
terrar (Elliot Dombo)

Who can republish this directory?
Any collective mentioned in it may publish
it in whole but not in part without
advance permission, if you do the
  • publish it on its own page(s)
  • use the existing title
  • include a source link to The Psychedelic Tree House
  • send me an email with the URL
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