Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things I am Looking for in the World of Web Comics

This book could be yours.

1. I would like to hear about the best web comic forums. Preferably, these would be forums that draw discussion about a variety of web comics-related sites.

2. I would like to learn about web comics collectives that are not on this list:

blank label comics
bombshelter comics
boxcar comics
collective comics
critical citidel
dayfree press
hyena comics (?)
mediocre militia
nice, the
trees and hills

3. I would like to hear from comics creators who are interested in forming or joining a collective, for a public contact list to assist networking. Include contact info and a link to your comic or comics-related site. I will not post actual email addresses, to avoid spamming.

4. I need more portals for comics from outside the US, Canada and UK. The few I have are at the bottom of this list. If they are in a foreign language and you speak the language, please let me know what I'm looking at, including the language.

5. I am always interested in hearing about people's favorite new web comics. Generally, this means less than six months old. Include a link, please.

At least one person submitting helpful information will be offered a copy of my book, Sea Monkeys and Other Disappointments, as a thank you.

You can comment below or write to me directly by reassembling the following into standard email format: ScratchinPost [AT] gmail {dot} com. I need a way to contact you in case you earn a book.

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