Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Opinion is Found Wanting

A recent panel from Jump Leads. How's the font? Click to enlarge.

I'm always glad to receive mail from people I've gored, however non-fatally. It makes me lose my chain of thought, preventing me from chasing down fresh offenses to my comics sensibility. Some of these would send you reeling, and I can't afford to lose a single reader.

Ben from Jump Leads penetrated my cloak of obscurity to raise comments I made about his comic. Specifically, I asserted that his choice of font was an act of economic sabotage commissioned by my ophthalmic  dispenser, who gleefully charged me $600 for my last pair of glasses.

Ben, carefully using my own first name as his own to sow confusion, writes that his font -- Ashcan BB -- was selected after canvassing his readers. This puts me in a spot.

I turned to my wife, whose font collecting habit once caused a speculative bubble, for an opinion. She selected the font that we use for our own comic, and has deep experience matching font to task. She finds Ashcan BB quite pleasing for Jump Leads, feeling it goes well with the art. She also finds it perfectly readable. 

My own encounters with Ashcan find it slowing me down, perhaps 60%. I backtrack frequently when my first pass comes up nonsensical. I find it a barrier to reading the comic.

At this point, it appears the problem is me. How many like me lurk, thwarted in their enjoyment of creatively fonted comics, I do not know.