Friday, January 25, 2008

The Google 26

What are the 26 best positions for Google search results? Arguably, they are to be the number one result when a single letter of the English alphabet is entered. After stumbling into one surprising result, I decided to examine the other 25 letters. Here are the results:

A - Letter in the Phoenician alphabet
B - Second letter in the Latin alphabet
C - Google's calculator tool
D - Dominion Resources stock symbol
E - Google's calculator tool again
F - Ford Motor Co. stock symbol
G - Google's Gmail
H - H & M clothing home page
I - tiresome Wikipedia article about the letter i
J - The last of 26 letters to be added to the English alphabet
K - Google's calculator tool yet again
L - The Chicago subway system
M - 1931 Fritz Lang film
N - Netsuite, Inc. stock symbol
P - The sixteenth letter of the alphabet. Its name in English is spelled "pee"
Q - Qwest Communications stock symbol
R - The R Project for Statistical Computing
S - Section S of the A-Z Index of Government Departments and Agencies
T - ATT Inc. home page
U - University of Arizona home page
V- The 22nd letter of the English alphabet
W - Starwood Hotels home page
X - United States Steel home page
Y - Yahoo Mail home page
Z - 1969 Costa-Gavras film about the murder of a prominent leftist